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As parents and educators, we want our students to have a solid understanding of concepts expected at grade level, not only so they test well, but more importantly so they will have the foundational knowledge required for success at the upper level, which is really the vision behind a set of common standards.

Written to meet grade-specific Common Core standards in reading, writing and arithmetic, these practice workbooks contain everything you need to ensure your students are exposed to the myriad of topics in these areas. Beginning with an introduction on using the book successfully and a chart correlating common core standards to the specific pages, the black and white worksheets provide a brief review of topics and instructions before the activities. An answer key without solutions is located in the back of the book. Worksheets are reproducible for classroom use, and the workbook includes a CD-ROM with all of the student worksheets in PDF format. Page counts vary with approx. 250 pgs. PB. ~Deanne

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