Grammar Workbook

Introduce your upper elementary student to more advanced grammar and composition. This text is an updated republication of three books published in the early 1900s: Practical Lessons in English Grammar & Composition by Henry P. Emerson; Aldien's Language Book; and Language Lessons by Manly & Bailey. The four-section student book covers these topics in order: a foundational understanding of a sentence, the eight parts of speech and problem verbs, clauses and phrases, and basic punctuation review. Writing and grammar exercises are integrated. The writing tasks employ two different methods: traditional assignments in which the student writes various sentence and paragraph types, and imitation of other authors' writing style. This modeling method requires the student to either copy the selection, write down from dictation, write the sample from memory or outline, or modify the original in content while maintaining the original style. Each of the 86 exercises briefly introduces the grammar or writing concept, and then students work through 5-10 tasks per exercise (tasks lengthen as you work through the book). The book includes 5 optional schedules to aid in integrating grammar and writing exercises into your school schedule. Grammar explanation is minimal, condensed and-as with the writing models-tends to be at a higher reading level. With a classical approach flavor, this workbook would be great for students who've had a grammar introduction or for slightly older students who need review. The Answer Key is definitely needed, providing the solutions, dictation passages, writing models and outlines for revision. Reproducible for single family use only. 8.5x11", 220 pp, sc. ~ Ruth

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