Adventures in Odyssey Audio Series

This well known series from Focus on the Family consists of CDs from the popular radio program. Animated videos are available as well. For those of you who aren't familiar with the series, it is centered in a small "main-street" type of town called Odyssey. An older, wiser gentleman (and inventor) by the name of John Avery Whitaker, "Whit" for short, owns an establishment that is part ice cream parlor and part science & history museum of sorts. Whit has several employees, friends and frequent customers who make up the main characters of the stories.

Many episodes consist of one or more characters facing a challenge or dilemma whereby they come to Whit for advice. Whit typically points them to a Bible passage or story to help them learn how to handle the situation. Whit is usually not preachy, but helps guide the situation along so that the character needing help really "gets" the lesson.

Other episodes have one or more children going through the Imagination Station, a kind of time machine, which transports them into a period from the Bible or American History.

There is a lot of humor in this series for kids and adults. While I have fast-forwarded a little through a few episodes that have some brother-sister squabbles which present less than ideal family examples, my family has greatly enjoyed listening to Odysseys together. They definitely make "car time" go by faster. Each episode is about ½ hour long. - Jerry

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