Concord Cunningham: The Scripture Sleuth Series

You may be asking right now, "What is a Scripture Sleuth?" Well, a Scripture Sleuth is one who solves mysteries using the Bible! That is just want Concord Cunningham does! These delightful books are full of fun mysteries that you participate in solving. After Concord has asked all his questions and heard all the facts, there is usually something that sounds familiar. Like something else he has heard before. That's when he gets out his trusted Bible, looks at his concordance (hence his name!), and finds the answer to the mystery! The best part is that he doesn't give you the answer right away. He just gives you the scripture reference so you can look up the verses and see if you can solve the mystery on your own! After you think you have it all figured out you can flip to the back to read the solution to the mystery! The mysteries, written by Mathew Halverson, are very creative and tricky! There are twelve mysteries in each book. At the back, there are also some great tips on how to use your own concordance to solve your own mysteries in life! Maybe someday you too can be a Scripture Sleuth! - elise

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Grades: 3-7
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