Memoria Press Seventh Grade Curriculum

Grade 7 includes Third Form Latin, Classical Composition IV, and Christian Studies IV. Literature features Anne of Green Gables, The Bronze Bow, The Hobbit and Trojan War. American Studies are incorporated, Classical Composition III, and Famous Men of Greece. Science is the study of biology and trees. Mathat this level is Pre-Algebra, from College of the Redwoods. The text and solutions can be found online with free access, but we will also offer print versions for those preferring a paper copy. Greek is introduced with the Greek Alphabet Book, Spelling Workout is continued, and grammar is covered with Rod and Staff Grade 8 English (not listed on website, but available from us via phone order). *Please note if your child would be entering the program at this level, they would need to start with Classical Composition I and First Form Latin before progressing to the levelsin this package. Story of the World Vol. 4 is suggested for summer reading.

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