Theory for Young Musicians

Not everyone comes from a musical background, but that doesn't mean that everyone can't understand music. These books teach music theory from the beginning, helping young people understand the way music is read, used, and written. In Book 1 students learn about pitch, notation, values, steps, accidentals, scales, keys and key signatures, and more. Each concept is explained, practiced, and reviewed with (non-reproducible) worksheets. Book 2 advances to fifths, intervals, triads, more time signatures, dynamics, endings, musical terms, and other lessons. Both books have CDs that correlate with ear training exercises throughout the book so students can learn by listening. To focus on learning notes, there is a Notespeller book all about notes from both clefs, note values, and note names. This book uses stories and even recipes to enforce note learning. Now you can give your kids an understanding of music. ~ Melissa

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Grades: 3-7
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