Peel & Stick Gemstones

Your little gems will love these easy to peel-and-stick shimmering gemstones! The creative possibilities are endless, and the best part is that you don't have to use messy glue that takes forever to dry! The flowers and heart gemstones come in a variety of colors and sizes (hearts range from 1/4" - 1/2" while the flowers range from 1/3" - 3/4"). The geometric gemstones are 1/3" in size and come in a variety of colors and shapes (square, circle, heart, and star). With these gemstones on hand, you can expect lots of homemade crowns, cards, and jewelry coming your way! - elise

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

Jess discovered these "really, really cool" sticker kits at Toy Fair this year! Each one contains three sheets of foam stickers, over 20 stickers total, and about 16 sheets of colored foil that allow you to create beautiful, customized stickers. The foil sheets in each kit come in four different colors and assorted patterns of shiny and sparkly. Each sticker is broken up into smaller parts, each with adhesive paper pieces covering the top so you can peel off one piece at a time to reveal the sticky surface, then simply rub your choice of the foil sheets over the top of that part. When you pull away the foil sheet, the color foil will stick to the sticker. Repeat with all the pieces of the sticker and you are left with a gorgeous creation to stick anywhere! With everything contained in one small box, these will complement any stocking! - Steph

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Grades: K-AD
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