Creating Line Designs

Okay, so you might start using these books as a means of teaching your children how to draw straight lines with a ruler. (Some call these "pre-drafting" skills). But they are also helpful in reinforcing the top-to-bottom and left-to-right orientation needed for reading and for general success in our top-to-bottom-left-to-right culture! They also serve as great exercises in following directions and provide experience in completing several small tasks to accomplish a quality finished product. But this isn't why kids enjoy them so much. Canvassing my own children yielded the following insights; "It's really neat that, just by connecting the dots, you can create a design like that," "I liked drawing the lines," "they were really neat," and "it was fun coloring in the designs." There you have it, from the "experts." Books progress in difficulty both in design and technique. In book one, pairs of numbers are connected. In volume two, pairs of letters and numbers are connected (more lines). By book three, designs require you to lift your pencil at some parts along the line to create the proper drawing. In book four, designs are even more elaborate. Reproducible.

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