History on the Move Audiobook CDs

Often, the best way to learn about history is simply to listen to and enjoy the many fascinating stories it holds. These CD collections are each composed of informative, interesting, and engaging stories from different times in American history. Combining a fact-filled documentary style with great storytelling, you'll learn about the Civil War from secession to reconstruction, the entire odyssey of Lewis, Clark, and the rest of their company, or amazing tales and legends from the American West. Each audiobook has one main storyteller who moves the story/info along (and sometimes does voices), and a few other voices sprinkled throughout the length of the collection. Background music makes the listening even more enjoyable. The audio CDs are very well produced, offering hours of enjoyable listening. Each collection is composed of 8 CDs and runs a little over 8 hours. Great for those long car rides or family listening at home, these audio collections bring many details of history to life. ~ Rachel

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