When it comes to fun, hands-on, squishy art materials, we can't just stop with clay. Although it sounds like it could be a type of clay, Celluclay is actually a papier mache product. Instant papier mache, to be exact. Just mix the dry Celluclay with water, and you have papier mache as soft or as hard as you want it. You can use it to sculpt, cast, make jewelry, use in a variety of crafts, create crazy vinegar and baking soda volcano landscapes, and much more! It will air dry extremely hard, will accept pretty much any paint, stain, or surface finish, and can be sanded, drilled, sawed, glued, or nailed together. In its dry state, Celluclay will last indefinitely, and even after being mixed with water, it can be kept for an extended time. There is minimal dust and mess, and it's very safe and non-toxic for kids of all ages to play around with. Available in gray or white.

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