Watercolor Magic

Although I loved to watercolor when I was a kid, I always had a hard time getting those hard, stubborn solid paints from a pan to mix enough with my water to create colors as bold as I wanted to use. Watercolor Magic takes the frustration out of watercoloring though, with unique liquid watercolors. Amazingly bright and soft to work with, they can be further watered down to produce any desired color or effect. Also, a little goes a long way with these. Stephen and Janine both clamored to test these out, and when I set them loose with these and a pan of watercolors, they overwhelmingly preferred the liquid watercolors - and then didn't want to stop using them! These washable, non-toxic paints can also be used for refilling your rubber stamp ink pads, art tinting/glazing when using acrylic varnishes, and dying craft materials such as paper, wood, glue, acrylic glaze, sand, fabric, shaving cream, and more. - Jess

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Item # 036744
Grades: 3-AD
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