No-Spill Paint Cups

These inexpensive paint cups are awesome - and a must for anyone with young kids that like to paint! Each paint cup features a twist-off cap, which contains a funneled area leading into the cup, and a flip-up lid. When the cap is screwed on and the lid is down, nothing leaks out of these puppies (yup, we tested 'em)! Cups are clear plastic, and lids are solid-colored plastic. Additional features include: ridged "brush holders' on top of lid, an inner rim seal that prevents paint evaporation, and a suggested "fill line" on the cup. The inner funnel area in the cup prevents paint from leaking out if the cup is tipped over. Cups and lids are sturdy, durable plastic and should last for years. Available as single cups (assorted color, no choice) and a set of 10. - Jess

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Item # 038548
Grades: PK-AD
Our Price: $1.50
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