Navigating History: Egypt

You might be asking yourself, "Why study Ancient Egypt; what does that have to do with today?" That's a valid question, and one that Navigating the Worldviews strives to answer.

Ancient Egypt is looked at through the lens of a Biblical worldview by authors Isaac Botkin and David Noor. The book begins by making this statement, "God has the authority to create, define, test, govern, and judge every man and every nation - true or false." This is a test that must be answered by all and Egypt, the oldest known civilization, chose to answer "false." Studying Egypt and its place in history and the role it played will help us understand our place in history and the role of God's justice. Events since the beginning of time have an effect on our culture and society yet today, Egypt and its events is no exception. History has a purpose and is moving toward a goal - it began in Genesis and moves toward eternity.

The softcover book is divided into six chapters - Why Egypt?, Pyramids, Islam, Christianity, Karnak, and wraps up the study with conclusions drawn from the information we have currently. Learn about the culture, religion and government and how it has shaped our world today through written text, vivid photography, and helpful illustrations. At the end of each section, there are Further Study recommendations and Study Questions. Further Study makes suggestions for additional reading on the topic from books such as The Calvanistic Concept of Culture, The Civilization of Ancient Egypt, and others. Though focused on Ancient Egypt, students will be better prepared to consider other cultures through a Biblical lens after reading this book as well.

The three disc DVD set will enhance your study of Egypt as you follow the authors across the country. Travel with them through city alleys, into pyramid passageways, temples, and many other places as you discover even more of the history of Egypt.

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