Classic Starts Audiobook CDs

Oh, the joys of audiobooks: different narrators, on-the-go listening, well-written classics, and more. Your entire family will enjoy these audio CDs, each containing an unabridged novel read by a single narrator (female voice) that provides 2-3 hours of listening pleasure. Some CDs compile stories centered around a theme (Animal or Ballet); some introduce more challenging works which are best read orally (Greek Myths, Great Expectations); some are those you will want to hear repeatedly (Heidi, Swiss Family Robinson, etc.). With over 40 of these low-cost, well produced narrations to choose from, you’re bound to find many your family will treasure. Traditional CDs; see our website for more options.

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Item # 021109
Grades: 2-AD
Retail: $9.99
Our Price: $7.50
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