Spectrum Test Preparation 2007

From the people who bring you the Scoring High, test-specific series, these are by-grade-level books that prepare students for any of the five major standardized tests. Activities reinforce test taking skills through examples, tips, practice and timed exercises. Subjects include reading, math and language - unlike other subject-specific test books. A hefty 150-pages each, including an answer key (no separate teacher book to buy), we feel these are both a great value and useful tool to:

help students become familiar with the test-taking experience, which may help reduce stress and anxiety when performing on an actual standardized test

teach test-taking and problem-solving strategies designed to improve performance on standardized tests

identify any “holes” in instruction which could hinder performance on a standardized test

practice solving problems or answering questions within a limited time frame so students can learn to budget and manage their time during a test (or in life!)

Revised and updated in 2006, this series includes more standards-based test questions and more nonfiction reading passages.

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