Signs for His Glory

A sign language course for all ages and with a biblical emphasis. This program was designed for Christians, and emphasizes words related to Bible verses and Christian songs. Level I comes in three levels of difficulty: Little Ones, Children, and Students/Adults. Each book teaches 10 lessons, all designed around character traits such as: obedience, gratefulness, love, compassion, meekness, orderliness, contentment and boldness. The last lesson focuses on Holidays and introduces words often used around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Lessons are geared to a particular age range, and upper level lessons are "built" off of lower levels, so you can truly learn together as a family. For example, the first lesson in the first level is on obedience. Little Ones first learn eight words. The next page has a few questions, a song, a place to draw a picture of one of the words, and the verse of the week. The Children's book has the same word list as the Little One's book, plus nine more words. The song and verse are also the same, but there are more questions, and these require more thought. Students/Adults have both of the previously-mentioned word lists and the verse, and an additional 24 words, an extra song, a set of complete but simple sentences, and more thought-provoking questions. The books themselves have no signing in them (except for the alphabet in the front of the Children's and Student/Adults); all signing is demonstrated on the DVDs. Each lesson on the DVD covers all three age groups at the same time. The instructor starts with the Little One's words, then introduces the song and Bible verse. Young children can stop here. She then goes on to present the Children's and Student/Adults word lists and song, so the older students can work through all of the levels for additional vocabulary and practice. The complete program comes with the DVD and a Student/Adult workbook. You need the DVD at all levels, but the other books can be purchased separately.

Level II of the program continues introducing vocabulary in the same format as Level I. Ten more lessons are introduced, each focusing on a different character trait (availability, dependability, forgiveness, initiative, joyfulness, patience, self-control, sensitivity), thoroughness and truthfulness). Each lesson includes word lists, songs, character trait questions, and a Bible verse for the week. This level of the program is only available at the Student/Adult-level at this time, in DVD format. ~ Melissa

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