Foreign Language 100+ Reproducible Series

This series provides over 100 reproducible worksheets for you to choose from and use to supplement any foreign language course you are using. They are basic worksheets targeting beginner students. If you have a high-schooler who has studied Spanish for a couple of years, these books will be too simple. For example, the table of contents in the middle/high school books include greetings, numbers, days of the week and months of the year, verbs, ser vs. estar, clothing, and other simple worksheets before moving onto slightly more difficult concepts where they must write complete sentences and answering question from a paragraph in that language (the vocabulary is covered beforehand). The middle school book is also quite simplistic, and could be used with students who want to begin learning a foreign language. The majority of these exercises include looking at pictures and writing the foreign name of the word, filling in diagrams, and learning simple concepts like the alphabet, colors, and numbers and vocabulary of random themes - at the store, on the farm, etc. If your foreign language curriculum is short on activities and worksheets, or if you'd like to be able to give your student extra practice with some concepts, think about using these workbooks to fill in the gaps. - Melissa

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