Book Basket

These are so cute! They look like little brightly colored, plastic laundry baskets! Organize books, toys, arts & craft supplies, center activities, your pantry, anything that seems to overflow into other areas! These are sturdy with rounded corners and comfortable handles at each end. One handle has a slot for a tab to write the contents of the box, a very clever little design element. Colors are bright, like a box of crayons, no pastel or neon here. You could assign a color per child and keep their school work for the week here. These measure 12.25" x 9.75" x 6" deep; they would easily fit on a shelf or even under a bed. (Interior dimensions are approximately 10" x 8" x 6.") There never seems to be a shortage of items that need corralled at my house. I can think of several places I need one already, hmmm... Colors may vary between manufacturing lots; if you are ordering multiples, you may want to check with us first to ensure that we have enough matching stock to fulfill your order. ~ Sara

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