Power-Glide High School Courses

Good morning, secret agent! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to "drop" into a foreign country and become fluent in reading, speaking, writing and understanding it at a high school level! In the high school level of this course, the student is an undercover agent who is parachuting into a country to save it from invaders and find a treasure. One problem? Everyone except you and your fellow officer speak only the foreign language. It immediately becomes important for you to learn the language so you can communicate with your contact - and the other locals - and find the treasure. The program begins with common phrases like these in the Spanish program; "hasta la vista" (so long), "buenas dias" (hello/good day"), etc. Pieces of the adventure story are interspersed with quizzes, games, and Diglot Weave™ stories, which take a familiar story and "weaves" in words in the foreign language, helping students read and understand the words in context and remember them. The exercises include the student translating to and from the foreign language, which exposes them to sentence structure and gets them thinking in the foreign language too. While some language courses start the student out with words, it's not the case here! When you ask your student what they've learned in a lesson, they will probably be able to surprise you with a complete sentence! The program is very self-instructional between the workbook and the CDs. Each page of the workbook gives the student instructions on how to complete the activity, and which CD and track the audio portion of the lesson is on. The High School Course is divided into Year 1 and Year 2. Year 1 begins with common words and phrases, and works into numbers, the alphabet, common words and vocabulary, simple grammar and basic conversation. Information about culture is incorporated into the program as well. Year 2 begins with the student journeying to another country on a new secret mission. This level gets into more complicated sentences and more advanced grammatical concepts. Year 1 High School courses include one workbook, four audio CDs, and an interactive CD-ROM. Year 2 programs each include one workbook and six audio CDs. Bundles consist of Years 1 & 2 packaged together, and include all of the components from each year. Because Spanish and French have middle-school courses, the publisher places the high school courses at a 9-12 level; however, German and Latin, which do not have middle-grade courses, are graded at 7-12. All of the PowerGlide courses are designed for beginners at that level, so you could use this level with serious 7th or 8th graders, perhaps at a slower pace or with other minor adaptations.

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