Elementary Courses

The Elementary Course is an easy-to-use introduction to the Power-Glide program for young learners, and is based on an exciting adventure theme. While playing in the attic, Tony and Lisa come upon some paintings from their Grandpa Glen. As he tells them the story of how he came to paint the pictures and pursue a treasure, he slips in foreign language instruction too! Course content includes matching games, story telling, speaking, drawing, and creative thinking. By the end, children should know some common phrases, common complete sentences, numbers, colors, body parts, and more.

Regular complete Elementary Courses include a Parent's Guide, three workbooks, eight audio CDs, and the Elementary CD-ROM (included with Spanish, French, and German only). The Parent's Guide contains helpful commentary and reduced student pages so you can "follow along." It includes instructions, objectives and lesson plans, cultural information, child-friendly recipes, and suggestions for additional activities. An exception is the Latin Course, which includes one workbook and four audio CDs. Additional workbooks are also available for all languages. Please note that while the Spanish and French courses have a middle-school follow-up, they are recommended for grades PK-4. German and Latin do not have a middle-school sequel, and are recommended for grades PK-6.

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