Unit Study Adventures by Amanda Bennett

Teaching our children to be life-long learners is a goal that we as parents share. To do this effectively, we must engage them in their own education. Allowing our children to follow their own inquisitive nature is one of the most resourceful ways to teach them how to teach themselves. This is why I personally love unit studies! Whether using a prepared curriculum to introduce them to the varied aspects of the topic or using the prepared curriculum as a foundation or springboard for more in-depth learning, these quality unit studies from Amanda Bennett will provide you with tools for success! Each CD-ROM contains a 4-week topical study at two levels, Elementary (grades 4-6) and Upper (Jr./Sr. High). In true unit study manner, these are easily modified so that all your children can learn together, even the younger ones! Adobe PDF files can be printed (and include notebook template pages for your children to create their own unit study notebooks) or viewed on your computer. The daily learning plan encompasses the following four main areas: Today's passage to copy, WOW Words (vocabulary or spelling words), People and Places to Know, and Read and Discover (research). Extensive internet links are included for online reading and activities, along with recommended book and video resources. And family project ideas. While the unit studies incorporate a number of different subject areas, you will need to add a math and language arts curriculum. ~Deanne

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