Our Golden California

A very comprehensive state study of California history and geography. Twenty chapters progress from Native Americans to the present day and include California geography, exploration, Spanish occupation, missions, settlement, Mexican rule, fur traders, the Mexican War, Gold Rush, statehood, transportation, economy, development, industry, growth, and government, among other topics. The thick worktext is extremely readable. Paper is high-quality, print is large, and numerous black-and-white illustrations, photographs and maps increase visual interest. Reading sections are sized about right for this grade level. Each chapter ends with Review questions to reinforce the reading and test for basic comprehension. Thought questions follow and require a little deeper level of understanding and analysis to answer. Each chapter also includes a History Notebook assignment. These assignments are meant to be completed and compiled in a notebook as an ongoing project for the study. The Teacher's Guidebook contains additional teaching/activity suggestions, tests, and answer keys.

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Grades: 4-7
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