My American GeoJourney

Bring some creative writing and drawing to your study of the fifty states! My American GeoJourney combines learning the states with a personal journal-like format, and provides plenty of opportunities for students to do some of their own research on the states and write about it. There are twelve "tours," or lessons included in this 32-page journal. The first nine feature regions of the U.S. where the students identify states, discover each state's postal abbreviation and nickname, and write a journal entry about the region. Several reviews are interspersed throughout the tours to help aid memorization of the states of each region. The remainder of the tours require the student to research an aspect of one or several states and write about it. These could include interesting historical facts, famous man-made and natural attractions of a state, natural resources of a state, or even an explanation of which state they would most like to visit and why. - Jess

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