Advanced Physical, Political & Thematic Deskpads

These placemats are double-sided, laminated, and measure 18" x 13.3". All styles are detailed, full-color, and display maps of different areas with latitude and longitude lines. All have legends on the front that tell what the different lines, dots, and colors mean. The physical deskpads have a map of the featured area on one side with countries, cities, rivers, oceans, landforms, and more labeled. The back sides are also full-color and have an unlabeled map of the area, along with additional smaller maps that show annual rainfall, energy/manufacturing/ trade, population density, and natural vegetation/environment. The political maps are a bit more colorful with a similar format. One side displays a labeled map of the area, with pretty much the same features labeled. Then the back shows an unlabeled map and smaller maps that show climate, natural vegetation/environment, landforms/regions, and population density/ethnic diversity. ~ Rachel

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