Caleb Pascal and the Peculiar People

Caleb thinks his dreams have come true when Mr. Groeger adopts him from the orphanage. It doesn't take him long to figure out, however, that although Mr. Groeger is a well-respected, church-going man, he's also quick to anger and has a cruel streak. When Mr. Groeger leaves him home to work in his shop the day the circus comes to town, a series of mishaps sends Caleb behind the circus scenes. There he meets the elderly clown, Guillaume, and his ugly little dog, Jock. Guillaume talks to God like an old friend, which Caleb thinks is strange, but he also treats him more kindly than anyone he's ever known. As Caleb gives up hope for his future and the circus train prepares to pull out of town, a surprise sacrifice sends Caleb into a new future surrounded by "peculiar people," both believers and unbelievers that will challenge his faith throughout the series. By Kersten Hamilton, pb. - Jess

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