Missing Series

The first book has such a thought-provoking, original storyline I can't wait to read the next two! Thirteen years ago, a mysterious plane pulls up to a Sky Trails airline jetway. When the airport staff opens the plane doors they find no pilot... and a plane full of babies! The FBI is called in, and the whole case is hushed up. Even the flight attendant who discovered the plane is fired and warned never to speak of the incident. Thirteen years later, 7th grader Jonah receives a mysterious message in the mail, which says only, "You are one of the missing." Jonah dismisses it as a prank... until other adopted children start receiving them too, and he begins his own investigation. It doesn't take long for Jonah to be brushed off by the FBI and start uncovering some very intriguing connections. Why are there so many adopted children in his town? Could it be that they are the babies on the plane? If so, where did they come from? I won't spoil it for you, but you'll never guess the answer! By Margaret Peterson Haddix, author of Among the Hidden. - Jess

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Grades: 3-7
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