Trip Around the World Series

You and your young children can get a taste of other cultures and countries with these brief "visits" to other lands. As you arrive in each country, you'll learn some basics about it, including its location, flag, short history, and statistics. Fascinating Facts teach you more about the people, traditions, everyday life, physical geography, and history. As you visit, you'll want to learn a little about the language - at least some basics. Phonetic pronunciations help you sound like a native as you acquire some rudimentary conversational phrases. There's even a song that you can sing to a familiar tune. The experience would not be complete without a sampling of the local foods, so one or more simple recipes are supplied to help you enjoy the cuisine. An assortment of activities are suggested to enhance your study. For the Mexican excursion, these include making adobe houses, making tissue-paper flowers (clear, step-by-step instructions for this craft are included), celebrating Cinco de Mayo, making a topographical map, taking Mexican names for the day, and having a Mexican feast (let's do it all!). So you don't forget the tour, a blackline flag is provided to color and save along with a map to use for any mapping activities, and a reproducible page to recap all the aspects of your journey. For Mexico, this is a page full of sombreros which children color according to the Mexican color names (English also provided) and use for pages of a Mexican book of colors. You can also attach them to sticks and have them perform a Mexican hat dance. After this page is a list of fiction and non-fiction resource books. This book takes you to Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, Kenya, Germany, The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the United States. Another Trip Around the World visits India, Argentina, South Africa, Israel, Italy, Panama, Nigeria, Greece, France, Russia, Venezuela and Antarctica. A New Trip Around the World transports you to Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Cuba, Peru, Chile, Spain, the United Kingdom, Norway, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ghana, and Morocco. Get your passports ready!

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