Summer Bridge Activity Card Sets

Prevent summer learning loss! Avoid the moans and groans of making a child do school work in the summer. Kids won't mind these at all. These were so much fun I could hardly put them down. Perfect for travel and a nice change from workbooks, you are getting 2 decks in every pack. The decks are attached in the corner to fan out, so you won't lose any cards on your summer vacations. Color coding let's kids go right to their favorite topic. Red are jokes. Orange is math. Yellow are fun facts. Green has language arts. Blue is word play and purple are puzzlers. Categories are the same in every deck. Thirteen cards per color with 3 questions/facts on each makes for lots of fun. Activities include finding differences, answering questions, counting, fun facts and more. Give them a dry-erase marker and let them write answers then check themselves. The answers are on the back for self-correcting so kids can occupy themselves easily. The PK-K deck does have some reading that kids may need help with, but the activities are certainly at their age level. I think they will certainly keep a kid's interest. It is one of those things they can pick up and put down anytime, like a magazine. I love that you get 2 decks in each box too. ~Sara

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Item # 052558
Grades: 1-2
Retail: $9.99
Our Price: $3.29
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