American History Stories You Never Read in SchoolBut Should Have

This reprint of American History Stories by Mara Pratt, first published in 1889 was put back into print by Reed R. Simonson, after finding the book at a used book sale and becoming enchanted with the way the author had instilled the essence of America, its people its beliefs, and its "soul" into these books. Through informative and instructional stories, we read about the causes of the Revolutionary War, the Boston Massacre, the battles of the Revolutionary War, the Declaration of Independence, our flag, President Washington, the War of 1812, the early history of our country up to President Zachary Taylor, the abolitionists, the Fugitive Slave Law, and everything in between. Each book is divided into nearly fifty or more short stories, printed in the original type and illustrated with the black-line drawings of that period, giving it a very vintage look, except for the glossy, full-color covers. The stories are very clearly and interestingly written, with a very "personal" touch, as if the author is talking directly to the reader. Going into so much more depth than a textbook ever could, we encounter civilian heroes of early America, well-explained events, fascinating stories about our forefathers, and a spirit of patriotism difficult if not impossible to find in books written today. Required reading in schools 100 years ago, these volumes are sure to find a favorite spot on your bookshelf to be read and re-read again. - Jess

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