History of US Teacher's Guides (3rd Edition)

These teaching guides help you further enhance your study of the US by providing discussion questions, teacher helps, and writing assignments for students using A History of US. After the introductory information, the guide is broken down into parts by book. These parts go through the books chapter by chapter, offering a summary of the chapter, key vocabulary words, discussion topics, and various writing assignments to check understanding. Notes for the teacher appear in the margins. After a whole book has been read, there are two pages that provide additional activities and discussions. Check-Up pages in the back of the guide provide review for each of the books, and resource worksheet pages are also included. Answers for all of the Check-Up questions are included for the teacher's convenience. The guides are transitioning from 3rd Ed. to 3rd Ed. Revised, but they can still be used with the older edition volumes because the illustrations and pagination betweens editions are nearly identical.

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