Knowledge Quest Timelines 10' x 1'

These quality timelines, printed on heavyweight stock, are good for any history program you might be using. They are blank except for the dates already printed at 100 year time intervals. The Ancient History timeline begins with 5000 BC, jumps to 2500 BC, then continues at 100 year intervals through to 400 AD. The Medieval History timeline begins at 400 AD and ends at 1600 AD. The New World History timeline starts at 1600 and increases at intervals of 25 years, while the Modern History timeline begins at 1850 and increases 10 years per interval. Each timeline comes with a symbol package containing 120 colored stickers. The images on these stickers are depictions of 15 different categories to divide your timeline entries into. The stickers are self-stick but are printed on sheets and must be cut out individually. (Please note the publisher is phasing out the sticker packs and replacing them with symbols printed on cardstock. Like the stickers, these can be cut out individually.) At 10', there is plenty of space on these timelines.

Extra timeline category symbol sets (printed on cardstock) are also available with sixteen categories: literature and great writers; exploration and discovery; Christianity and the Church; the rise and fall of nations; inventions; Old Testament and the Bible; art; music; war and conflict; kings, rulers and heads of state; catastrophes and natural disasters; laws, rulings, and important documents; building and architecture; health and medicine; science and great thinkers; and religious leaders and events. Measure 10' x 1'. ~ Zach

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