Spectrum Spelling

Spectrum Spelling comes highly recommended by many teaching professionals and homeschoolers

The Spectrum Spelling series is one of the best homeschool spelling programs available. In fact, the comprehensive, well-organized and easy-to-use workbooks make it an excellent addendum to the spelling programs for primary school students in mainstream education as well. Each workbook in this series appeals to your childs eye with full-color pages and numerous illustrations. The books contain approximately 25-30 lessons, depending on the grade level. Review sections of the previously learned material occur every three to five lessons. At the end of each book is an answer key to make grading more manageable for busy parents and teachers. Also included are a convenient spellers dictionary and a proofreaders guide.

Spelling Topics

Most of the lessons in all of the workbooks focus on phonics and word patterns, with a few other age-appropriate lessons, such as color words and the months of the year.

Lessons in Kindergarten and Grade 1 focus on learning the letters of the alphabet, the sounds that consonants and vowels make, letter recognition, determining the difference between short and long vowels, and the spelling of sight words and common words.

The Grade 2 and Grade 3 lessons concentrate on using contractions and homophones, building compound words, and recognizing sight words and common words. They also build on the previous lessons on long and short vowels.

Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 lessons look at making compound words, guarding against commonly misspelled words, using prefixes and suffixes, vowel sounds, identifying variant consonants, irregular and regular plural nouns, root words and diphthongs.

Homeschool Spelling Lessons

Each lesson starts with a word list, which contains additional challenge words. The following sections vary based on grade level. For younger grades, activities include writing the words, identifying rhyming words, completing the sentence, and arranging words in alphabetical order. Older children complete activities such as using the words across subjects, filling in the blank, creating compound words, creative writing, and proofreading.


  • Approximately 25-30 lessons per book
  • Answer key for quick grading
  • Full-color pages
  • Complies with all state standards
  • Available for Kindergarten through Grade 6

Spectrum Spelling comes highly recommended by many teaching professionals and homeschoolers. It is sure to be a wonderful addition to any of the spelling and grammar programs you utilize.

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