EasyRead Time Teacher Alarm Clocks

Provide children time telling practice and be amazed at how quickly their new skills are mastered!

 Measuring 5" tall and 5" in diameter, this handy clock features brightly colored numbers. Numbers 1-12 (hours) are larger and set closer to the inside (and the end of that short hour hand!) Around the very outside of the clock face are two sets of smaller numbers 1-30 starting with the 1's at either side of the very top middle and continuing down around both directions with the 30's being right next to the bottom middle. These sets are color-coded to the corresponding "to" (red) on the left and "past" (blue) on the right of the middle of the clock face. Thus when the minute hand travels along those digits on the right, they are read "__ past" the hour, and when the minute hand points to the small digits on the left, they are read as "__ to" the next hour. The five-minute increments are slightly larger, and the fractions ¼ and ½ at the appropriate positions reinforce "half past the hour" or "quarter till." Easy 3-step teaching approach to telling time included. The cool thing about this teaching clock is its usability! Clock is perfect for setting on a bedside table or dresser, offers a built-in light sensor to provide a lighted clock face in the dark, crescendo alarm that starts with a gentle beep that becomes progressively more urgent until it is turned off, and a large, 5-minute snooze button. Hands move silently so there is no annoying ticking. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). ~ Deanne

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Item # 022830
Grades: K-3
Retail: $28.00
Our Price: $25.20
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