Choosing Your Way Through History

These captivating books really help you to imagine life in the past, as you become the main character in an adventure, making decisions that effect your life. By actually taking the role of a person from that era, you, in a sense, "live" history. The presentation is very effective. I literally could not put the book down until I had tried every avenue. While every facet of life is not covered, the aspects of the culture experienced are salient, meaning they will more likely be retained.

Here is an excerpt from Choosing Your Way Through the World's Ancient Past: "It is 2400 BC. You are a skilled metalworker living in Lagash in a time of war. Should you....

(a) make war materials, or

(b) continue making ornaments

If you decide on (b), you turn to a page which reads: "You choose to keep on making ornaments for the rich, because you would like to keep out of the war. You're good at your job and soon the king hears of your work and you are summoned to the palace. You wait in a room with an old woman. She says, 'Are you here to see the king?' You look at her and say, 'Yes, he wants to see my work.' You show her some of it and she says 'You will probably become a servant of the king, living a merry life as long as the king lives.' You aren't sure what she meant by that last part. Should you... :

(a) leave, or (b) stay and meet the king?

We'll let you decide! Your fate could be wonderful or dreadful, depending on the customs, laws, and circumstances of that time and place. The 200+ page books contain historically accurate accounts/adventures reflective of each civilization or era, followed by true/false questions and project suggestions. - Melissa

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