Point of Impact Series

Can you name some huge events from the 20th century? How about the attack on Pearl Harbor? The fall of the Berlin Wall? What about the moon landing? Or the A-bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima? Yes indeed, these were all significant events of the 1900s. We hear about these events, that they actually happened - things like the day they occurred, how many people died, some names of those involved, who the president was, and other bits and pieces of related but not really interesting facts. This series explores the history both before and after the events, detailing who was involved, why it happened on that date, how it happened, the work that went into making it happen...this series helps readers understand the context of the event, an important aspect to reading and interpreting history accurately. Full of pictures, maps, and photographs, these colorful, 32-page books turn these well-known events into very well-known events. ~ Zach

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