Universal Handwriting 2022 Edition

Expanded, revised, and updated, this effective handwriting series continues to get better. Full-color student worktexts offer fun illustrations, colorful instruction boxes, and writing lines with a red baseline and light blue dotted midline in the early grades. Parents will appreciate the “how to use” information that is now included that makes the course more user-friendly. The helpful teacher edition provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for every lesson, reduced student pages and teaching tips – including common problems and corrective techniques. At most levels, the updates are primarily in the words/sentences used, and images. The teaching methodology and sequence is the same except for Writing Readiness. Notable changes impact the books at the PK and K levels. Writing Readiness now focuses on the needs of early childhood and include foundational skill building exercises, and coloring/writing letters with a focus only on upper case letters. Basic Strokes and Letters targets PK skills and covers basic strokes through upper- and lower-case letters. Pretests have been added to Beginning Manuscript and Reinforcing Manuscript.

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