History Thematic Units

Integrate language arts, science, math, and art into your study of ancient civilizations, periods in history, and social studies. Each of these thematic units uses several related nonfiction as well as historical fiction books that should be available from your local library, as a core. The unit then surrounds your reading of these books with complementary cultural information, discussion questions, vocabulary, and activities to stretch your study into different skill areas. Many activities include making time lines, discussing or debating laws, concepts, and social customs, writing an account of someone who lived in that particular time period, or create a story/fable from that culture, writing poetry, researching related topics and writing a short report, studying/completing map projects of the area, recipes to cook, designing their own folk art, artifacts, costumes, models, etc., various math challenges based on the book, and much, much more, depending on the topics covered in each unit. The study closes with a culminating activity, a larger project with may combine skills and facts they've learned during the unit. Each guide is 80 pages long, is reproducible, and can be used either as a complementary activity unit, or as a framework to study more literature on the topic. The guides provide you with summaries of each book used, an overview of the activities, teaching suggestions, sample lesson plans for each section, answer key, and a long bibliography of nonfiction and fiction

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