Streams of Civilization

World History is presented from a Christian perspective in this 2-volume set from Christian Liberty Press. Volume 1 provides a comprehensive overview from Creation through about 1620.Volume 2 takes us from the Age of Exploration to the present. Both volumes have been significantly revised and are now 3rd editions. The hardcover texts feature many more maps and illustrations and are now thicker; Volume 1 is now over 400 pages and Vol. 2 is over 600 pages. Each textbook chapter ends with comprehension questions, projects, vocabulary and a list of notable people. Projects include writing assignments (research papers, reports, news stories, and creative writing), research suggestions, discussion questions, art and music appreciation and more. Completing at least one project per chapter is recommended. Volume 2, in addition to more challenging reading, increases the emphasis on church history in relation to secular history.It offers no apologies for the strong conservative opinions expressed. Teacher manual packets hold a brief introduction with some teaching tips, but are primarily answer keys with answers to comprehension questions and definitions for chapter vocabulary and notable people. Test packets include one test per chapter with 20-25 questions in each. These include matching,true/false, short answer, ordering, and multiple choice. Answers are found at the end of the test packet.

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