Purposeful Design Elementary Bible

This Bible series from Purposeful Design provides another workbook option for your Bible curriculum. The colorful workbooks are divided into 34 weekly lessons for a full school year. Each year follows a theme: PK emphasizes truths that emphasize God’s love; K emphasizes God’s loving care; 1st emphasizes God’s gifts; 2nd offers application of various Bible character traits; 3rd grade emphasizes Christ’s life, the early church, and missions from Paul’s time to the present; 4th covers the basic doctrines Christianity; 5th grade is studies in the Old Testament, choices, and their consequences; and 6th grade offers studies in the New Testament and application in personal life. All Scripture printed is NKJV, but this course can be used with any major Bible translation.

The teacher editions contain a lot of information not found in the student workbooks. There are weekly reviews for all grades and weekly assessments for grades 1-6; weekly memory work; extension activities; visual aids; answer keys and more. A resource disc is included with the teacher edition. An 11-foot Bible timeline is included for reference throughout the year. The teacher edition contains all of the lesson background and content. There are also separate lessons at every level for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

The student workbooks contain colorful and age-appropriate activities to reinforce each weekly lesson.

The TE E-books provide the same content as the TE in pdf form. The one-year subscription also includes the pdf content of the resource CD.

Though not intended for independent study, this is a very good Bible series. The levels are interactive between teacher/parent and student for better Bible understanding. ~ Donna

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