Countering Culture

After completing Thinking Like a Christian, you have a firm grasp on the differences between the western worldviews, you are aware of the extent to which our society is affected by these worldviews, and you even have the necessary weapons (arguments, examples, and proofs) for battle - but will your plans survive contact with the enemy? What you need is a "game plan to counter every move you'll face in a world of ideas that are armed and dangerous." This follow-up to Thinking Like a Christian will equip you with the confidence and ability to clash swords with the anti-Christian worldviews you will encounter every time you step out the door. Looking at each worldview in turn, this study will show that the Bible is grounded in reality; that secular humanism, postmodern Marxism, and cosmic humanism are clearly not based on reality; how to stand firmly and reasonably on biblical principles both in the classroom and the boardroom; and how to identify where New Age and Marxist thinking leads us astray. The CD-ROM (good for PC or Mac) accompanying the book includes lesson plans, class handouts and outlines that are useful for homeschool parents, youth group leaders, Sunday school teachers, and instructors of high school students, college students, or adults. The companion DVD brings you to the forefront of the debate - revealing the beliefs and motives of the humanists and Marxists. Through interviews with prominent anti-Christian philosophers and counterpoints from grounded Christian thinkers, you will see the unshakeable truth of the biblical worldview come through every time. Countering Culture complements and expands the Thinking Like a Christian study. Running time for the DVD is approximately 84 minutes. Text is 180 pgs, pb, and includes the CD-ROM.

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