WorldViews of the Western World

A comprehensive classical high school study, yet something totally different than a typical compilation of high school courses! OK, so exactly what is it? This question is not easily answered. Each one a year's worth of study, these courses can best be described as a research and teaching syllabus integrating seven areas of interdisciplinary study: literature, art, music, economics, philosophy/theology, science, and government. Written directly to the student, the author, David Quine, has a stated threefold purpose: 1) to give students the ability to stand against the thoughts and ideas of the secular culture, 2) to give students an adequate and logical defense for the hope they have within them, and 3) to give students the ability to take the truth of Christianity into the various disciplines. While this may sound both desirable and lofty, these volumes provide the framework for the study to equip students to accomplish the goals. The syllabus includes a weekly teaching overview, study notes, commentaries, outlines, short essay questions, and essay questions. Drawing from a vast list of resources and incorporating them into an in-depth examination of the underlying and surrounding worldview, the study is organized around the progression of Christianity through history. Special attention is given to the writings of Dr. Frances Schaeffer, and his video/book series, How Shall We Then Live, forms the study's core and the perspective through which historical, literary, artistic, and musical works are examined. Completion of all three volumes produces the equivalent of three credits in literature (ancient, medieval, modern), and one credit each in composition, philosophy/theology, music history and appreciation, art history and appreciation, western civilization, humanities, world history, American history, American government, political theory, and science history. An experienced observer would quickly note that only math and lab sciences (and perhaps foreign language) are needed to round out a high school transcript. The organization and flow of these courses are excellent. Graphics and presentation are orderly and appealing. The author's commentary and instruction is practical and invaluable. One small quibble I have is the bound format. I would be sorely tempted to remove the binding, hole-punch the pages, and place them into a binder. In fact, since the student is expected to write directly into the worktexts, which are each a massive 1 - 2" thick, it's the only workable plan (in my opinion), although the author prefers the idea of the student completing these worktexts as a resource. As I consider the possibility of using these with my students (wistfully, since all are past high school), I'm troubled by the lack of any sort of answer key. While a typical answer key might not be practical since answers tend to be short or long essays, nevertheless some talking points would have been greatly appreciated. While any student would undoubtedly profit greatly from completing the work on his own, nevertheless it would seem that at least part of the value would be in family discussions. Without the author's expertise or an ability to keep up with the reading, much of the material covered is daunting, and only an intrepid or determined parent will venture into those waters. ~ Janice

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