Torchlighters DVDs

This DVD series brings true stories of Christian heroes to children. Theanimated stories are full of adventure and show what God can do through peoplewho follow His will. Each DVD includes a cartoon that is about 30 minutes longshowing how the featured Christian hero served God and made a difference forGod during their time, even if it cost him his life. These are great forteaching kids about the history of Christianity and challenging them in theirown faith. The DVDs have extra features that make them even more useful andinteractive for kids. Leader and student guides are included in PDF format andinclude activities geared toward a Sunday School type setting, but they couldeasily be adjusted for home use. The teacher/leader guide includes about 25pages and contains background information on the hero, a timeline of theperiod, suggested activities to go along with the DVD, additional resources,answers to the student pages, and more. The student guide includes about 15-20reproducible worksheets in PDF format that can be printed off and completed bystudents. These pages include pictures from the story to color, comprehensionand discussion questions, puzzles, matching, and more. Other features of theDVDs include interviews with the actors and real-life people who were part ofthe story (when available), as well versions available in English and Spanish.Overall, this DVD series is a fun and interesting way to show kids the historyof our faith. ~ Rachel

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