The "Gender Issue" has been referred to as the greatest debate in the church today, or the most divisive issue among Christians. Perhaps it isn't an issue at all to you - perhaps you've long since decided on what's truly "biblical". However, there are many facets to this discussion and each "side" of the debate earnestly believes they are taking "the" biblical stance. As with other divisive issues, much of the debate is as old as the debate over Bible translations or whether the Bible should be translated "word for word" or "thought for thought" or other hermaneutical considerations. One of the most crucial determinations is our understanding of God's pre-fall design for mankind - and more specifically his design for each gender. While we don't propose to resolve these issues here, we are attempting to provide you with books representative of three distinct positions on the "gender issue" and pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you in your personal conviction on this issue. A brief description of each position (as best as we can summarize from the materials) follows, along with several books that do a much more thorough job of explaining each. Within each one of these basic stances, there seems to be a spectrum as well, so it is difficult to categorize books. There are also many other books and materials available and we may expand this section later.

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