Child's History of the World

V.M. Hillyer, the first headmaster of Calvert School, strongly believed that studying world history would broaden children's horizons and give them a better understanding of the world and history in general. In his quest to write an understandable and comprehensive world history children could enjoy; A Child's History of the World was penned. In this reprint of the the original 1924 edition of A Child’s History of the World subjects are covered in chronological order, from the beginning of the world through the Great War. Reading like a good story, the text is written to pique interest by asking questions throughout, and the interspersed black and white illustrations enhance the content. Although references are made to God and Jesus, the first four chapters talk about how things started and cave men. If you are familiar with the later editions (1994/1997), you will notice this text has fewer chapters (78 compared to 91) and has not been edited or updated to reflect current cultural understandings of history and historical people. While this may be detracting for many families, others may find it provides ample opportunities for discussing how new anthropological discoveries and cultural changes impact our understanding of history. The softcover text is 478 pages in length, which includes an extensive index. ~ Deanne

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