Rooted and Grounded: A Guide for Spiritual Growth

Written for a high school through adult level audience, this is a topical Bible study course that should take a full year. Topics cover selected areas of theology, relationship with God, and Christian living. Each week also includes a two-page introduction of an unreached people group accompanied by beautiful artwork by Julie Bosacker. This makes it easy to integrate prayer for each of these groups with regular lessons-sort of like incorporating the same ideas presented in the book Operation World into your studies and prayer life.

The study is non-denominationally Protestant. Introductions to each lesson, aside from the unreached peoples' information, are brief, so the focus is primarily upon Scripture itself. The student is directed to read directly from Scripture, then answer comprehension, analysis, and application questions. Frequently, lessons cross reference additional Scripture verses. Scripture verses are purposely not included in the student book so that students become more familiar with the Bible itself by looking up the verses. However, the teacher's guide does include an appendix with all the Scripture verses-46 pages worth! Memory verses are included along with a suggested review calendar for optimum retention. Student books are consumable, so you'll need one for each student.

The teacher's guide is quite useful. It includes all the student material, the Bible verses, sample lesson plans, teaching strategies, and notes/answers for questions students address in each lesson. Other features are weekly "prayer suggestions" relating to the lesson, weekly review "quizzes," and some wonderful illustrations.

In addition, there is a Test & Answer Keys booklet. The eight tests in the booklet include a mixture of short answer, vocabulary, matching, and essay questions.

This is serious Bible study that would ideally be used by parent and child(ren) together. Although the publisher suggests using it only with upper level high school students, I believe that many homeschoolers in ninth and tenth grades would have no trouble with either the level of presentation or the ideas. ~ Reprinted from Christian Home Educators Curriculum Manuals with permission of Cathy Duffy, Grove Publishing.

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