Why the Bible Matters

Everyone has issues on which the Bible isn't clear, or questions about how the Bible applies to particular problems. What is a good way to study the Bible and apply it to my life? How do I know the Bible is correct? The goals of this course are to provide a foundation for students who don’t have a strong Biblical background, challenge well-grounded students to think about the role of the Bible in their education, apply critical reading skills to the Bible, and practice Biblical application to real-life situations. The student book is a small-format, 82-page workbook (5.5 x 8.5 inches). There is an introduction and five chapters – Reasons for Studying the Bible, Functions of the Bible, History and Chronology of the Bible, Structure and Subdivision of the Bible, and Consequences of the Complete Bible, which are further subdivided into 15 sections.  Each chapter includes a memory verse, text, questions, and analysis exercises. There is space to write in the student book, but essay questions may require more extensive writing. The teacher edition includes small format student pages, suggested lesson plan, teaching notes in the margins, discussion topics, and answers to the student exercises. An appendix includes excerpts from articles and charts to be used with some of the lessons, music and words to “The Spirit Breathes Upon the Word,” and two tests along with answers. Test one is for chapters 1-3, and Test 2 is for chapters 4 and 5.

  This could be a good supplement to your Bible study, but can also be used alone as 6-8 week course. ~ Stephanie/Donna

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