Partner Poems & Word Ladders

Word play is so much fun and great way to get kids interacting with language. Each activity starts with a silly poem for two readers. A single student could read them in two voices! A word ladder follows – this is where you start by answering a simple question (in this case, from the poem) and then change a letter for the next word, and change another letter for the next word, on down the ladder to the end. Sometimes you change the first 2 letters or even add a letter as you move down. Each ladder has about 7-8 rungs. There are additional activities you can create too! This might be a word search using your own graph paper, or some sort of creative writing assignment inspired by the poem and words used. There is rhyme and rhythm (as well as rimes, homophones, synonyms and more literary skills.) Pages may be reproduced for a single classroom/family use. Pages are not perforated. Answers and templates are in the back, all black and white. ~Sara

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