BJU Press Bible Curriculum

A complete Bible curriculum at every level, with daily lesson plans, student materials, visuals, and (at some levels) accompanying music tape. All but the K4 level have a consumable student worktext. Required materials are listed first under each grade level. An asterisk (*) proceeding the item means it is optional. Complete Home School kits contain all essential materials to teach one child. Optional materials are useful to the course, but not vital. Teacher Picture Packets (grades K5-1) contain full-color 12" x 18" pictures correlated to lessons in the course.

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Item # 265306
Grades: 1
Our Price: $30.28
Item # 265322
Grades: 6
Our Price: $30.28
Item # 265421
Grades: 11
Our Price: $26.94
Item # 043588
Grades: 12
Retail: $54.00
Our Price: $48.60
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