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These card games are not only quick to learn and fun to play, but they also have the side benefit of helping you retain facts about animals or countries. Similar to the Timeline games by the same company, each player is dealt four cards, information side down, and then a starting card is placed in the center, information side up. The first player must try to place one of his cards in the correct order in relation to the card in the center. After choosing whether it goes in front or after the card already in the center, he turns it over to see if he is correct. A correct guess stays in the row, a wrongly placed card is discarded and a new card is dealt to that player. Play passes around the table with each player placing his cards relative to the growing row in the center, placing in front of, in between, or after the cards on the table. The first player to run out of cards by placing them correctly in sequence wins the game. In the Animals version, players can choose one of three ways to play: by lifespan, length, or weight of the animals. In Dinosaurs, players are challenged to place cards by length or weight, so this deck is compatible with Animals if you are playing with one of those characteristics. Please note that this deck includes evolutionary content. Both sides of the card hold a gorgeous illustration of the animal, and the back contains the three measurements as well. The Globetrotter edition has four ways to play (by land area, population, pollution contribution, and gross domestic product), and illustrations feature objects or landmarks representative of that country. Game time is only 15 minutes, up to 8 people can play, and the games are packaged in colorful 4.75" square tins, making them the perfect game for anytime, anywhere!

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Grades: 2-AD
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