Post-It® Notebook Pockets

Are you frustrated with the paper piles in your life? Is your purse stuffed with wrinkled coupons, the car with crumpled receipts, and the kids’ desks littered with jumbled notes scribbled on scrap paper? Let Post-It Notebook Pockets help contain the clutter! These Notebook pockets resemble large envelopes, except they’re durable and re-useable. The pockets are made of clear vinyl, close easily with a hook-and-loop fastener, and have space at the bottom for labeling. You can even mount them; simply peel off the backing to expose the adhesive, which is the same type used on Post-It Notes, so you can easily stick, remove, and re-stick the pockets without ruining surfaces. Each set contains 3 pockets. I can think of so many places to use these handy pockets: the kitchen, office, diaper bag, purse, glove compartment, backpacks…anywhere little pieces of paper tend to gather. Lisa

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